three tulsi


Three Tulsi: a holy trinity of organic Green Tulsi, Purple Tulsi and Lemon Tulsi leaves. An aromatic blend of three varieties of tulsi to uplift and restore your spirits.

sacred is the herb that shows you the way

India calls her 'holy basil', for it's here that tulsi is legendary. For you, wherever you are, she is ready to weave her magic. First, verdant green tulsi for sweeping away the clutter, then purple tulsi for uplifting the spirits and to finish lemon tulsi with a zesty twist to inspire you onwards to inner clarity.

Ingredients: Green Rama tulsi leaf, purple Krishna tulsi leaf, lemon Vana tulsi leaf.

Pukka’s ingredients are 100% natural and organic, without artificial flavours or sweeteners. Pukka source all their herbs from independent farmers to ensure minimal impact on the environment and maximum benefit for the growers. Pukka packaging is biodegradable. The tea bags are made from oxygen bleached paper that is chlorine free and the string is waxed organic unbleached cotton. 

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