Lapis Lazuli + Aquamarine + Clear Quartz


This Mala is a unique and sacred one off piece of art to be treasured. I have enjoyed creating it with so much love. It is full of blessings and good vibrations just for you.

Reciting a mantra using Mala beads can help you tune out of the world and tune into yourself. Allow yourself to drop into your heart, comfortably sinking into the serene sanctuary within. 

The more you use your beads the more sacred vibration they will hold. Wear them with the constant reminder of the deep stillness you have within you at all times.


Hand threaded and knotted to a high professional standard.

Materials : 108 x 6mm Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and Clear Quartz beads, strong nylon thread (pale blue), soft rayon tassel.

Lapis Lazuli is known to inspire deep inner self knowledge, creativity, love, harmony and protection. In ancient Egypt, it was known as the royal stone and was believed to contain the soul of all the gods!

Aquamarine is known to inspire a peaceful stillness like the natural flow of water, high states of consciousness, service to humanity, meditation, direction in life, calm nerves and lift your spirits.

Clear Quartz is known to inspire clarity, inspiration, creativity, spiritual growth, wisdom and protection from negativity. Clear Quartz amplifies everything around it so it gives the gemstones surrounding it a supercharge. Clear Quartz holds intention beautifully... so you be the judge of what you need - program your beads with any intention you would like.

Traditionally tassels are symbolic of lotus blossoms, which represent and promote enlightenment.

I love using natural products, they hold a higher vibration which enhances your life on a deeper level. Mother nature has provided these gems for us. Some ‘imperfections’ are inherent in natural products but that just makes each individual bead more authentically beautiful and precious. 

You will receive your Mala beads in a pouch with a detailed print out on how to use and care for them.

$10 from the sale of this Mala will be passed on to The Global Women's Project to help them continue to empower women across the developing world.

Feedback : Amy's Mala beads are exquisite, much care and a great deal of love has been poured into the knotting of every bead and the creation of the finished article. Amy is a highly skilled yoga teacher and has an enormous creative flair. Her products reflect her unique skills and her deep yogic connection. So much so, that my yoga teaching is better and deeper when I wear her Mala beads in class. Ruth, yoga teacher at Healthy being yoga

I just wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful Mala beads. I get so many compliments while wearing them. I love that I can wear them and feel the essence within the beads and then use them in my practice of meditation. I also want to thank you for the hand out giving me more of an understanding of Mala beads and their properties. I am truly grateful - they are so special. Michelle, yoga teacher at Total yoga for you