My love affair with yoga September 17, 2014 00:00

This is the longest break I have had from teaching in a long time and I am really starting to miss you. The relationship between a yoga teacher and their students is special and just so you know I hold a special place in my heart for everyone I have ever taught.

At the end of October I will attend the last module of my Meditation teacher training. This marks the end of a 5 year journey of study and exploration with Dru Australia. This milestone has made me nostalgic….

In 1999 I was given a Jane Fonda yoga VHS and fell in love with yoga instantly. So deeply in love I applied to become a yoga teacher soon afterward. I wasn't accepted into the course as I was too young and they wanted me to have a real yoga teacher before embarking on my yoga teacher training. I did get a real yoga teacher and continued my love affair with yoga as I started my career as a costume maker.

After years and years the call to become a yoga teacher came back strongly. I dreamt of being a yoga teacher but didn't know how I was going to juggle working 50+ hours a week and teach yoga. The Dru yoga course was to commence on my 30th birthday and I took that as a pretty good sign to jump in anyway - I thought I could always just teach one class a week after work to keep the passion alive. Boy did the universe have other plans for me...

Working 50+ hours a week, travelling a lot while studying is not a sustainable lifestyle….seems obvious in hindsight. ha ha

The universe surprised me with pain…it was like years and years of overwork came crashing down on me and my body suffered big time!
To have killer work ethics = over working yourself into the grave!

If you don’t look after yourself and follow your heart you get sick or burnt out. I see it all the time with my yoga students. Because this happened to me I see it clearly in other people. And feel very passionately about helping others make changes before they get to breaking point like I did!

If you have recurring pain or sickness or unease have a look at your life.

What dreams have you been ignoring?
What do you really want?
What is stopping you?

Get started today a small step is progress.

The possibilities are endless and ANYTHING is possible.

My life has changed dramatically since my 30th birthday. The Dru yoga and meditation teacher trainings have taught me not only a lot about yoga and meditation but also a lot about myself - who I am, what I want and what is important. This is like liquid gold so very precious. In fact, for that reason a lot of people do the course for personal use as opposed to wanting to teach yoga.
I feel privileged to have had this experience. If you ever get the urge to study Dru yoga I will support you 100% - it is the best thing I have ever done.

In the meantime thank you so much for allowing me to share yoga with you so my love affair can stay alive!

No mud no lotus March 26, 2014 00:00

The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms. This is what the popular symbol of the lotus represents - rising above adversity with grace.

Use the suffering (mud) in your life as fuel for motivation. Ask yourself what is this teaching me? Remember, the muddiest of situations are often blessings in disguise. Trust that even though there is always mud there is also always sunshine.

Mud offers us the perfect contrast - without it we would not even recognise true happiness.

You are here to shine into the world like the beautiful lotus.