Please embrace being perfectly imperfect March 18, 2015 00:00

Kintsukuroi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold, silver or platinum. Allowing the breakage and repair to become part of the rich history of the object as opposed to being something to disguise. The item becomes more valuable after being broken and repaired. Metaphorically and spiritually speaking, we can become quite beautiful after being broken.

Please embrace being perfectly imperfect

As someone who is creative I clearly see the true beauty and uniqueness in imperfection. It makes me sad to see people not fully embracing their broken bits, whether they be physical, emotional, mental... To me imperfection is real, it is genuine - that is nature and that is beautiful.

Learn to love your broken bits -

- they make you the person you are today
- they help you stand out from the crowd
- they remind you of  your inherent strength
- they give you depth and understanding
- they teach you lessons which makes you more wise
- they help you be more empathetic
- they make you more valuable
- they help your heart stretch and expand
so you have more of a capacity to feel joy